Eyeing the stars

Single 30+ minute exposure on film.
Camera: Nikon FE
Lens: Rokinon 14mm

This shot was more than 2 years in the making. Back in 2016 I decided to shoot star trails with my Nikon FE 35 mm film camera. I liked the option of the getting a clean star trail image in a single exposure plus I didn’t have to worry about the camera running out of power especially in extreme cold weather. I wanted to use that entire roll of film just for star trails. I captured this 30+ minute exposure right at the start and was very excited to see the results. However it took me a long time to finish that roll of film. I was tempted many times to just shoot a bunch of shots and get it developed but I stuck with the initial plan and kept shooting star trails with it. It took me more than a year to finish that roll of film. After developing the film I was really pleased with how this shot turned out but not so happy with the quality of the scans. I tried a bunch of labs, scanned it myself but the results were not good enough. After another year I was able to get the scan I was looking for. I spent some more time on the post processing to get this version that I am really happy with

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I monumental effort and worth it! Beautiful capture, love the B/W rendering. This image is a star!


Beautifully executed Prajit! Wonderful image.

A huge amount of effort and it shows, amazing job.

That’s interesting, Prajit! I’m sad to admit I have never shot any landscape scenes on film before. Seems like a fun little touch.

A very well designed phtograph Prajit. I love how you lined up the north start with the pool of water. Will we be seeing more of your star trail photos from that roll of film?

@Mark_Seawell Thanks Mark!
@Lon_Overacker Thanks Lon!
@Michael_McGee Thanks Michael!
@Eric_Bennett, Yes Eric, It was a challenging but fun project. I enjoyed it.
@Youssef_Ismail Thanks Youssef. Yes, I think I have few more keepers from that roll that I need to scan properly.

This photograph has what many night photos do not - which is a strong composition and stars that actually compliment that composition (I like how they are radiating out of the brainrock nub in the background). Your persistence paid off.

@Ron_Coscorrosa Thanks for the kind words Ron!

Glad to hear your efforts were rewarded! Shooting star trails with a digital camera can be incredibly tedious, I can’t imagine waiting a year to see the resulting image. Such a clean composition and presentation/processing .

Wow. Generally speaking, star trail photographs don’t do much for me, but this is a terrific image. The landscape/foreground is interesting and strong enough to hold ones interest in it of itself and the sky simply adds to it. Very well done.

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@Jared_Atencio Thanks Jared!
@Jacob_Buchowski Thanks Jacob!