Fade to Gray

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


A scene from my daily hike. I like the layering effect and the fading colors in the fog.

Specific Feedback

Any advice appreciated.

Technical Details

Canon R5; 100-500 with 1.4 Tx (I’m generally out looking for birds to photograph and was not in a good place to remove the tele-convertor and the design feature of the lens with respect to the tele-convertor is its only drawback) at 420 mm; 1/800 at f10; ISO800.

Exactly my initial impression Allen; lovely. I’d clone out that prominent dust bunny so it doesn’t detract from that beauty.

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Very lovely! Wonderful colors and detail and the light is so pretty.

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Oops. Deleted original and replaced sans dust bunny. Thanks for the heads up, John.

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Wonderful image. Love how the fall colors, trees, et. all fade in to the fog - Ditto on the layering. Also that layering is also creating some depth to this scene.

Hard pressed to offer any suggestions and I have no nitpicks.

Something about fog… Well seen; great job isolating this intimate scene with the long lens.


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What a transition from bold to subtle. Really lovely. I like the way the layers are compressed together from the long lens.

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In addition to what others have said I like the overall warm quality of this image.


Allen, Add me as a sender of accolades for this wonderful image. I ditto al the others comments. One question: Do you think the saturation of the foreground orange should be reduced a tad? The image is great as is, and I appreciate the layering and diminishing color, but raise the ideal of lowering the saturation as just a thought. Nice mood here too.

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Thank you, Larry, for your kind thoughts. For some reason the colors this year in the fall foliage were spectacular, much more vibrant than I can ever recall. Probably could decrease the orange saturation a bit, and maybe, even the brightness. I’ll play around with it. Thanks again.