Fall Leaves in Utah

Here’s a photo from last year’s Fall leaves in Southern Utah. I’m starting to look forward to Autumn. Summer is boring. :smiley:

Technical Details

Nikon D850
Nikon 70-200
200mm - f/8 - 800 ISO
Hand held w/VR

Great image, Gary. I am looking forward to getting up to Trout Lake, WA, pretty soon.


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I used to live in White Salmon. I’ve been going up to Trout Lake and Indian Heaven since I was a boy. My family would head up during huckleberry season. I love it up there.

The huckleberry bushes turn a magnificent red in the Fall.

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I am quite curious to see how the colors turn out for the season this year, due to the tremendous lack of rain experienced in my area, let alone across the country. We are already beginning to see some leaves change, which is never a good sign this early in the season.

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Every season is a wait and see situation. I never try to predict Spring flowers or Autumn leaves. I did that one year with wildflowers in the gorge and they were obliterated by cold weather and wind two weeks before the workshops started. :smiley: lol

The leaves up here in the Pacific Northwest are starting to dry up from the month of heat that we had. Cooler and wetter weather has returned… we’ll see how long it lasts.

We’re better when the leaves are shocked into color by a frost.

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Beautiful, Gary. I leave for Utah in 10 days. Heading toward Park City and the surrounding area. Never been there for Fall colors so this will be interesting. Really looking forward to it though. This image has me getting very excited. Thanks for posting.