Fallen Birch

I had posted this image last year on the old NPN, but was not really happy with how it came out, because I had a hard time taming the red saturation on the wet maple leaves. Because it is one of my favorite intimate landscape shots, I decided to re-process the raw file from scratch. Last year my processing approach started in Lightroom using the “Camera Standard” profile, but now my approach starts with the “Adobe Color” profile. Just the change in profile made it so much easier to handle the colors and saturation (at least for me anyways). The leaves were actually on the log, but I’ll be honest and admit I changed the angle of rotation on the yellow leaf, and moved one of the red ones a little. This image was taken on a rainy day in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire.

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Ed this one really does say “autumn” to me. We have a lot of wet gloomy fall days in Michigan and this is a scene that speaks to that. Nicely done!

Pure eye candy, Ed. Elegant and uplifting image. btw with the release of the new profiles from Adobe I too find myself preferring Adobe Color to Canon Camera Standard 9 out of 10.

Beautiful Ed! Glad you were able to reprocess and bring back to NPN 2.0. Didn’t notice at first, but I also like the green moss for an additional color. Processing looks spot on.

I love the colors and was about to write that the green moss works very well when I read Lon’s comment…makes two of us! Beautiful work.

Beautiful, Ed. I have no idea what Adobe Color is but it works well!

Nice image, Ed. The colors are strong, but appropriately so.

Harley, Adobe color is the camera profile I used in the Lightroom Develope model. It sits just above the White Balance Eyedropper. It’s like a “starting point” for processing, and you can click on the profile and choose from a number of different profiles as a starting point. Earlier in 2018 Adobe added a large number of profiles to choose from, including improvements they made to the profile “Adobe Color” As Dave said earlier, 9 times out of 10, I’ll now use Adobe color, where before the changes, I used "Camera Standard.

@Igor_Doncov, @Harley_Goldman, @Alberto_Patino-Douce, @Lon_Overacker, @Dave_Dillemuth, @Alan_Kreyger, thank you very much for your comments, they are appreciated. I know the colors are strong, but wet red maple leaves are insanely saturated, and I ended up reducing saturation in this image twice, once in Lightroom , and later again in photoshop using TK saturation masks.

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Sweet image, Ed. The lush vibrant reds of the fallen maple leaves do a masterful job of framing the white birch and the diagonal placement adds some visual tension to this intimate landscape. Beautifully done.

This is just lovely and I am grateful for the tips on dealing with red saturation in fall photos. I just returned from Acadia and had many of the same issues. There is so much to love in this image and it has been processed to perfection!

Thank you for the kind comments Kathy, it’s appreciated. While the strong reds are what makes New England foliage unique, they can be very tough to process. Add any contrast at all and they quickly get over-saturated. What I do is use TK Saturations masks, selecting the most saturated colors (reds), and reducing saturation, and then the TK Vibrance masks to increase saturation in the under saturated colors. This produces a nice balanced level of saturation throughout the image.

Ed, a wonderful intimate scene here. In the end your extra diligence in processing has paid off big dividends and made for an excellent image overall…:+1: