Fast, Flowing Foreground

A waterfall in the Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon. Heavy rains on the day that I photographed this location provided a more chaotic photo that I had anticipated. I really, really loved how the texture of the water created some excellent foregrounds and lead ins to the waterfall behind.

I put on my waders to get this photo. The shutter speed was only 1/8 second.

Nikon D810 - Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 - CP filter
1/8 sec - f/16 - ISO 1000

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Gary, I’m liking this a lot! The comp looks great and very interesting. The foreground water looks really cool as does the misty background falls. Only problem is that I can’t get it to go to the larger version and I really want to see that. It looks beautiful with a wonderful mood. Cheers, Nick

@Nick_Bristol - The upload seems to have gone wrong somehow. :confused: I may have to delete this post and repost it. :confused:

Try this one @Nick_Bristol

The foreground action is quite the lead-in for this view. It seems a bit disorienting in the small version, but that goes away with the extra clarity in the large view. The mix of white and brown water looks great.

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@Mark_Seaver Excellent. Thanks for the help. I’ll pay more attention to how I post in the future.

I love the chaotic foreground. It looks like a mess until you start to form a pattern. I will shoot a dozen or so until I get the pattern that I like.

Thank you Mark.

Gary, Now the original post is working for me. One thing I just found out was that after clicking on the small picture it goes to the larger size that fits my monitor, but then clicking on it again takes it to it’s full size I guess and this looked wonderful then with really nice detail. I have a 25" monitor but now I need a bigger one for these vert pix.

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@Nick_Bristol And I love the vert-comps so much. I shoot a lot of them. I love the added depth and strong foregrounds. :wink:

Nice textures in the water throughout that add to the somewhat chaotic flow.

Did you use an Orton effect on this, Gary? Just curious.

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Just love this image Gary. As already mentioned; great foreground lead-in.


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@Preston_Birdwell I did apply a version of an Orton Effect at a minimal opacity. That coupled with a mist coming at me, a wet CP filter and a misty background. :smiley: lolz

Thanks for asking.

@Jim_Talaric Thank you. I appreciate that. The middle of a creek is always my favorite POV. :wink:

Gary : that’s what they really made fishing waders for…

I love the soft, misty feeling to this one. It’s nice to see the Orton effect used in an image where it actually adds something to the image. I’m usually not a big fan of Orton, but here I think it’s totally appropriate for the image, and well applied.

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@Ed_McGuirk Thank you. I try for moderation in many things that I do these days it seems. :slight_smile: My policy with my work is to apply these processes without them overpowering the image. I’d rather someone wonder if there was an effect used instead of having it be their first observation about the photo. Vignetting is another one that I use but try not to be noticeable.

You can really feel the force of this waterfall with the shutter speed you chose. Love the contrast between the bubbly water and muddy water.

Great shot!

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This is such a great composition! The flow of the water leads my eyes up and down the image to just the right places. I’m curious, did you have to take a bunch of photos until the water was just right?

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Great question. I usually take a few and pick the one that has the best pattern. Thank you Brent. :slight_smile: