Feeling Small

This last summer my wife and I were hiking at Buffalo Creek Wildlife management area not far from our home. A beautiful calm morning with great light. As I included her in the image it really helped give the vast feeling of the open prairie. There are no facilities here so there are very few people in very pretty area. People need to get off of I-80 and see that there are some beautiful and wild areas in Nebraska.

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Richard, I know this is Nebraska and not Montana, but to say “Big Sky Country” would be appropriate. The sky and light are gorgeous, and including your wife in the image does a great job of communicating “wide open spaces”. Nicely done…

What a sky, Richard, and it does express how “small” we are compared to the universe. Love those clouds, and how you let it have the most real estate in the photo. I don’t know if it is an airplane, or what it is, but my eye keeps going to something white about a fourth of the way down from the top, and centered. Not sure if it is something you might want to clone out, or not. May not even be noticeable to others. Once I saw it though, now I keep seeing it. Lovely image.

This has great ’ mood ’ about it, Richard, - and a strong sense of place. Love the sky, of course, and feel you’ve got the comp spot on, with the low horizon line and the lone figure.


Wonderful. Great job adding your wife to the scene. The human element is in it’s place - small and insignificant… (not that you wife is… but hopefully you get my idea.)