Fern Garden

Yosemite Valley

Here’s an older image from my archive. Our motely crew (you know who you are) was wandering along the banks of the Merced late one afternoon. The fallen maple leaves, the still-green ferns, and the reflection could not have been more pleasing.

I normally use the lowest ISO my Nikon provides (100), but I wanted a reasonable shutter speed in the very deep shade so that any movement of the leaves in the water was arrested. That is why I chose the 320 ISO for this image.

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor 18-140 @ 45mm
F-11 @1/5s, ISO 320
ACR, PSCC, TK’s masks
November 2014
Single exposure

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Real nice Merced River scene. Real minor, but maybe clone some of the yellow leaves along the top edge? No a biggie at all. Processing looks good to my eye. Very nicely done.

A gentle beauty, Preston.

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Ahhh, I remember it well. :slight_smile: Such a quiet and serene scene. Beautifully captured Preston.

Preston, there is a lot going on in this image, lots of shapes, colors and textures. It could have been chaotic, but the inclusion of the large boulder on the right creates a strong element that imposes some order on the composition, and makes this image work. I also like how you chose to cut this boulder in half, i think it makes it even more prominent in the scene. I love the fallen leaves on the green moss, they really grab your attention.

They look like stars in the sky.