Ferruginous Feather

I continue to seek out, and shoot a nearby seasonal ferruginous hawk visitor. I’m a big raptor fan and this species is my personal favorite. I caught this one taking off, and leaving a little feather behind. Notice the leg band causing me to wonder who put it on, and why?

Specific Feedback Requested

Cropping? Anything?

Technical Details

Z9, Nikon 200-500 lens, hand held, 1/3200th, f 8.0, 300mm, ISO 1100, cropped to 1961 x 1437, Photo AI


I thought the same thing about the band, Dave. Love the floating feather. Great shot.

Very cool shot! The loose feather adds a special detail and you have captured the intensity of the bird which is one of the things I love about raptors too. Is there room to give more space around the bird and have the eyes off centre to the left? A slightly smaller crop might help tell the story of the bird hunting something in front of it.