First Snow

We had our first snow for the season this past Tuesday and the early morning was really beautiful. I made this shot looking away from the sunrise at Smith Lake just a couple of miles from my home. So quiet and peaceful on this morning.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 5DMK4, 24-105L, ISO 100, F/11, 1/10 sec.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)


Nick, this is a gently inviting, if chilly view. The touch of pink in the sky and it’s reflection make for an outstanding winter scene.

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Glad you like it, Mark. Thank you!

Nick, this is a very serene, peaceful scene. It is probably level, but maybe a slight CCW rotation to make the far shore look level? Minor though.

Thanks Harley. I’ll give that a try.


Looks frigid! But also quite beautiful. Perfect crop/format.


A very exquisite picture, Nick. Love the pink reflection and all the soft tones and textures. A beautiful greeting card photo and don’t take that the wrong way. :grin:

Hey Nick,
It has been ages since I have seen a post from you. Glad to see you back. Even though this is a cold looking scene I still find it very inviting. That bit of pink in the sky along with the reflection contrasts very nicely with the cool tones in the rest of the image.

Thanks Lon, I appreciate that. It really wasn’t very cold so it was nice being out.

Not taking it the wrong way at all, Stephen. I really appreciate your thoughts on this and so glad you like it. Thank You!

Beautifully done, Nick. Great mood and light here.

Ed and Preston, Thanks guys! Really appreciate your comments on this. It was a wonderful morning with this first snow and some great light made it even better. I will try and get on here a little more!

Hi Nick,
A wonderful scene, love the comp and the capture of the cold. Seems to have some noise in the sky in the large version.


Nick, this is a masterful composition for me. I especially appreciate the kind of subtle asymmetry. The color pallette shows me a most appealing transition from cold shads to the comforting warmer ones.

Thanks for sharing.


John and Peter, Thanks guys! Much appreciated.

Great shot Nick! Personally I love the wide format for this type of scene and it’s especially effective here. Nicely processed and cropped.

Nice shot Nick. Definitely expresses your signature style of serene beauty.

Eugene, Thanks so much! Nice getting your thoughts on it.

Bruce, Thank you! Much appreciated. Cheers!