Fly on Window

This guy landed on the window long enough for me to get my gear and take a quick photo, The marks on the glass are, I think, mainly because this glass in the window of our flat is the original panes so made just over 150 years ago.
Happy for any comments

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

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Neil, you really managed to capture great details in this fly. I have attempted it a few times, but never was able to get a shot this good. It would be interesting to see what your setup was, as well as settings. I can image a window that is 150 years old having a few marks when you get in this close of a magnification, assuming this is a typical housefly.

Hi yes I assume it was an ordinary House Fly.
Set up was EM1 Mk2 60mm Macro lens at f11 with the small flash that came with the camera hand held. I never use flash so it was a bit of a panic to try and see what to do before the fly flew.
Yes the glass is actually quite distorted to look through you get a rippled effect which is down to the way it was manufactured in the 1850s

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Neil: Welcome to Macro and thanks for a terrific first post here. One MUST look at the largest view. Certainly a unique look at this fly and considering you were using a 60mm lens makes this all the more impressive. The markings on the glass are a bit of a distraction for me but it would be a massive effort to make them go away. So it goes. Great to have you aboard and looking forward to more. >=))>

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Hi Neil, interesting detailed look at this fly - a unique perspective. I find the harsh flash highlights to be pretty distracting - using a larger flash with a diffuser should help with this.

Neil, this is a fascinating look at this fly. You’ve got great details in the fly, while the specks on the glass create an deep space looking background.

Thanks, I did start to try to clean up the background but gave up. Too much trouble!!