Flying Chickadee

A black-capped chickadees flying to a cattail seed-head.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Taken hand-held with a Panasonic GX85 and an Olympus 75-300mm lens 1/1300 , f7.1, ISO 200 – compressed for posting.

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Bravo! I love these little ones. The transparency of the feathers is well-shown. Does the GX85 have a 4 or 6K burst mode? They say hitting a burst just at the point a bird takes off will capture a bunch of frames. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve got a function button set up in my Wildlife custom mode that will trigger it (I shoot with a G9). I’ve noticed that eagles often poop just before take off so I’ll be ready next time!

The GX85 has a 4Kburst mode that’s adjustable for 2, 6 or 40 frames per second with the electronic shutter, I always shoot it set for six frames per second and usually try for three frames since one is usually better than the others. Recently I was photographing a peregrine falcon and probably shot 35-40 frames in one burst – kept two.

Most raptors defecate before they take off, but not always – it’s a good clue that the bird will soon fly. Many small birds do that also, but at any distance it’s difficult or impossible to see.

Getting the eye on those chickadees is a major accomplishment, but to also capture perfectly the takeoff is terrific!

Beautiful little guy, caught perfectly with those wings all a-flutter!

Focus was on back, the head is soft, nice effort, keep shooting.