Foggy Geometry

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A simple single frame taken with my 5dIV and 100-400 lens somewhere past 200mm. This past month I spent 2 weeks in Yellowstone and went in without a plan or a shot list so mostly spent every morning wandering about just seeing what I could find. This spot was a nice pull out in Lamar Valley and provided plenty of composition opportunities simply isolating different trees in the fog. The sky color was actually nice but the graphical nature of the composition suited black and white better in this case I felt.

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I love this shot!! I love all the different tones throughout the image (dark, medium, and light), the confluence of hard edges of the treeline and soft edges of the fog, and the mystery of the shapely tree coming through the haze. This seems like an area and conditions where you could make so many different types of images, and that is always so fun. I would be curious to see the color image, but black and white works so well here.

Wandering around without a plan is the best way to make unique images!

Very moody and evocative scene, Nathaniel. The B&W works really well as does the layering in this image.

Hi @Nathaniel_Merz I really like this shot, everything looks perfectly balanced and composition is really good.

Good choice on resisting the color in the sky and turning to the B&W side.

Nice work, it’s very moody looking, with a lot of atmosphere.

This is a really awesome shot. I love how ghostly the tree looks set against the fog, and how the diagonals formed by the distant ridges make it very dynamic. It’s almost as though the foreground tree has been shunned from the rest of the forest, and is off on it’s own. That makes for some fantastic story telling that one can interpret however they wish. This would look fantastic on a wall, and B&W was a great choice.


Very strong image - I’d say outstanding! Simply composed with the graphics and contrast really making this stand out. Beautifully seen and captured.


Such a great image Nathaniel! Love those layers, angles and the misty subject. Nice call going bw, works so well.