Fortress of Solitude (aerial desert image)

No doubt a view from a bird’s perspective can provide some interesting results. Although these rock pillars in the Utah badlands were captured well by a ground based camera, a drone provided that essential viewpoint that added the varied soil colors and patterns.
Maybe it is just because I have Game of Thrones on my mind, but those rock pillars remind me of medieval castles.


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Stunning! Your reference to Game of Thrones is a perfect description, Ken. The topography is mythical and fascinating. Would be interested to know your postprocessing.

Thanks Bill!
In regards to post processing I used 4 different curves adjustments, 3 with luminosity masks. My first one was global to improve the black point. Then 3 additional curves, but with masks to target specific tones. Those were much more subtle changes than the global adjustment. In the upper portion of the image, those hills that are bluish were way too dark, so I used a black and white adjustment filter(blue slider) in luminosity blend mode to lighten them up a tad. As mentioned, I left the colors as they came out of the camera. The only exception was introducing some warmth via a photo filter in the highlights. Out of the camera some of the highlights were duller than what I really saw. Finished it with web sharpening and there ya have it. I should have also mentioned in RAW developing, I keep the contrast somewhat low to accentuate softness.

Shows off the grandeur and patterns of the Utah landscape so well.

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Phenomenal job! It’s fascinating how much scale changes erosion patterns.

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