Foxes of the San Juans Photo Tour

I will be leading a 3D/2N tour to Washington’s San Juan Islands to photograph the colorful red foxes and other wildlife. The foxes in this region sport a variety of fur colors, from typical red to silver (black), pearl (gray) and even brown. This trip coincides with the tail end of the denning season, when we hope to find kits that are on the verge of independence, making them more likely to wander from the den, chase and play with each other and the adult foxes.

In addition to foxes, we’ll be on the lookout for other wildlife: bald eagles (which sometimes swoop in to try and steal food from the kits) and other raptors, rabbits, deer, otters and more. An optional orca watching/photography outing can also be added on Day Two for those who are interested.

Learn more about this photo tour here.