From Dusk till Dawn

Me and my good friend hiked to the top of a mountain peak in Vysoke Tatry mountains in heart of Central Europe and spent there 12 hours. This is a stitched panorama (i believe 7 vertical shots + exposure blending to control the rising sun). Due to lack of interest in sky (stars almost invisible), I decided to blend stars from earlier moment to create the final image.

This shot is part from a series that I called “from Dusk till Dawn.” Unfortunately, I did not plan to create whole series so each shot as slightly different composition, but when I was running throught the shots, I realized it would be nice to process a shot from each significant moment of that trip.


whole series collage



Outstanding job with this image. Not only a great feat climbing the mountain, but a great reward with the image(s) you captured and created.


Neat image and the human element adds a lot.

Thank you very much Lon.

thanks, glad you like it

Very nice.
Please provide the tent manufacture the opportunity to purchase this for big bucks, also many big box sporting goods stores need big art. It’s the inclusion of outer space and the city lights that put it over the top. GL

thank you very much. Well, I can try but I am affraid that the manufacturer and sporting goods stores have have plenty of better shots :slight_smile: euro or two would be excellent though :slight_smile: btw. that pic is also on shutterstock and some other stock photography pages and until today, one person bought it. so I assume it is not a dealbreaker :slight_smile: (never thought it was :slight_smile: ) first of all, it is a nice memory of an excellent trip.