Front Row Seat

After a morning hiding in the fog, Mendenhall glacier suddenly appeared and these kayakers were in the right place at the right time.

Specific Feedback Requested

General feedback welcome

Technical Details

Nikon z72; ISO 250; Shutter speed 1/250; F-Stop 13; processed in Lightroom


Jennifer, as soon as I saw this image, I knew it was Mendenhall. Awesome shot. The lithe fog is terrific and I love how you’ve shown just a touch of the glacier wrapping around the land. The foreground is a nice touch too. Excellent!

Oh, are those kayakers in the water? So cool.

Great capture Jennifer. I like how the curve of the glacier leads to the boats. I would reduce the exposure on the top part of the image. Right now it’s very bright and draws my eyes to the top edge. Nice composition.

I really like this one! I think you have done a great job pulling out some colors and detail in the glacier. I agree with @AndreDonawa but wanted to offer a different solution. I’m not sure how large the original file is (or if that even matters to you) but I was thinking of a 2x1 pano.

Another option may be to just crop off about half of the top gray band. Beautiful image regardless and the kayaks really put this over the top!

Thank you, David.

Thank you, Andre. I see what you mean by the bright corner.

David - The original file is definitely big enough for that crop. Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback, Carol! I’m trying to post more:)


Terrific image of Mendenhall. As mentioned, the sweeping curve of the glacier meeting the sea and the kayakers makes for a great story - yes, of nature! :slight_smile:

I really like this as presented. But then Andre’s interpretation makes sense as the upper sky/clouds are not all that relevant to the story being portrayed. I think though, that no matter how you slice this one, you’ve got a great image and take away.


A terrific take on Mendenhall, Jennifer! I like the blue tones that you were able to bring out of the glacier. I like what both @AndreDonawa and @David_Wallace have done. I think a crop just below the bright sky area looks great as well. I absolutely love the kayakers in the water. Now if you just had an orca breaching in the water on the right side of the image… LOL

Thank you for your feedback, David. I wish I had had more time to compose the image, but the kayakers were moving surprisingly fast! :slight_smile: