Frost 1

I had great fun doing this image as I had to use my bazooka, Tamron 150-600 in order to reach the tree tops. The icing on the branches was so thick you could almost hear it. What really caught my attention however was the beautiful larches.

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Oh wow, this image has such a great feel to it! Love the frost and the larch adding a different color really puts the image over the top for me. Good for you for braving the cold!

Mattias, this is simply gorgeous, it looks like all the trees are sprinkled with powdered sugar. The yellow color of the larch transforms this from what otherwise would be a B&W-like pattern shot into a much more robust composition / image. Great use of the bazooka !!!

Awesome details and textures in the large version and those two larch trees add a nice little punch of color to this winter scene, Mattias. Outstanding image.

Wonderful. Fascinating lines and color.

What a wonderful scene Mattias! The splash of color takes this to the next level!

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Tank you Alan for those kind words. Much appreciated

Thank you Ed. Like someone said, its almost a B/W scene without them

Haha, yes I don’t get much use of it otherwise but it turned to be very useful this time. Thank you for those kind words.

This is beautiful - even with out the splashes of gold this would be a compelling photograph but they really push it over the top.


Outstanding, gorgeous… Jealous because this just looks like something I would go crazy over being able to witness. The old kid in a candy store!