Froth shrouded mountain

Turning my back on the risen sun I was faced with the reflection of the sun-kissed mountain in the Zand river. The froth is watered-down kelp mousse that had drifted up the estuary overnight. All in my Cape Town ‘backyard’.

Specific Feedback Requested

Please comment on composition and exposure of the mountain.

Technical Details

Sony RX100 VI. ISO 100. F4.5. 1/60 sec.


There is certainly a lot to enjoy here, Marian. The diamond shape created by the mountain reflection along with the angular shape of the froth work quite well together, IMHO. The gold and blue colors are lovely. Can’t quite pin down my feeling of the mountain exposure, perhaps just a tad bright. But clearly that is up to your intention/feelings at the moment. Nicely seen.

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I was going to suggest the same thing. There is a lot to like here.

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Wonderful blue and yellow colour combo. I also like the transition of the blues to greens. I would clone out the white spot on the TL. I would try a grad filter on the top to reduce the brightness but it would probably have to be subtle. I love the diagonal lines from the foam. They add some nice energy and movement.

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Wonderful reflection abstract image Marian. Have you considered a flip of the image and a slight crop? Not sure if it would work but it would be interesting to see the patterns and shapes in a new way.

Thanx Alfredo. I’ll give your suggestions a try.

Thanx Andre. I’ll play with some of your suggestions. Alas, my camera doesn’t cater filters so I have to get everything as right as possible before I take the shot.

Marian, here is a version that I worked on with the image flipped horizontal (mountain reflection now on the right side). I also cropped slightly to incorporate the water suds as a leading line back to the mountain.

Lightroom adjustments:

Also, I add three targeted adjustments.

  1. Linear gradient on the mountain to bring down the exposure a little.
  2. Radial filter on the bright patch of sky to reduce exposure.
  3. Brush adjustment on the water suds to bring up the brightness
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Hi Marian,

Lot’s going on in this image - and I think a good thing here. You’ve got the golden light reflected off the mountain, then the clouds and blue sky reflecting - and there you have the blue-gold connection which is always a big plus. Then there’s the foam AND that foam meandering about ties it all together! Very cool - and good eye to see and capture this.

I really like Alfredo’s crop and flip, although I think the best part is the crop off the top and also coming in on the sky-blue side. I think that blue sky and the brighter edge along the top kept this image from being a little more abstract than it could be. I think the crop really helps in that regard.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for this. It is an improved pic.

I need to up my Lightroom skills.

Hugs of thanks