Frozen in time

This is capture is from a Butterfly vine we have in our yard. The vine has clusters of bright yellow, orchid-shaped flowers against dark green foliage. Then blooms again in the fall. Seed pods have a papery butterfly-like appearance, resembling a butterfly, hence the name. After last weeks’ frozen rain system, this “butterfly” had a thin cover of ice.

Technical Details

Composite: No
f/8, 1/100sec., iso 250 @105mm, tripod. Cropped to 9 x 9.

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Oh wow, Linda, it does look like a butterfly! I’m not familiar with this fine and it’s flowers, so I really am enjoying this. Thank you for sharing.

Super! I really like the rich golden brown color - I think the coating of ice brought that out really well. The little bit of back/side lighting is wonderful as well. Intriguing shapes and textures under there. Beautifully seen.

Thank you, @Shirley_Freeman and @Kris_Smith. I’m glad you both seem to be enjoying this capture as much as I did/do.

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Wow, Linda, what a find. It feels like a bit of worked glass crystal. Excellent.

Thanks so much, David. Yes, I agree, it did feel like glass.