"Frozen Over" Uinta National Forest, UT 2018

"Frozen Over" Uinta National Forest, UT 2018

(Eric Bennett) #1

Aspen leaves I found frozen into a puddle from a quick drop in temperature the night before. I released another gallery of images, which will be my first for this year, as well as a short story behind them, my personal connection with the fall season, and my current thoughts on my artwork. You can find it all here:https://www.bennettfilm.com/FacesOfFallForeword

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.

(Michael McGee) #2

I really like this Eric. The soft light highlights so much detail in the leaves and texture in the ice and the blue-yellow colour contrast is great too.

(Ian Wolfenden) #3

Really nice, Eric - it feels so natural yet has a powerful abstract quality to it. The leaves have placed themselves perfectly !

(Harley Goldman) #4

Beautiful, Eric.

(Eugene Theron) #5

Nice work @Eric_Bennett. I like the story this tells me. Almost a contrast of two seasons of how winter took hold before autumn had properly faded away. Nice work

(Dave Dillemuth) #6

This is superb, Eric. Nicely balanced composition, beautiful mix of tones, shapes and textures.

(Anil Rao) #7

This picture has a nice airy feel to it, which makes it very uplifting. I found this to be rather interesting because the scene is icy cold and the leaves are slowly decaying.

Photography is such a wonderful tool in the hands of a creative artist. I love what you have done here Eric. A simple and direct look at nature that speaks volumes.

(Nick Bristol) #8

Eric, Absolutely love what you did here. Such an interesting combination of seasons captured in one image. Great light and beautiful color as well. Wonderful work!

(George Kalantzes ) #9

Eric - as was the case with your previous series, well done. I grew up in SLC and those UT locations look familiar. Very unique “Shadowed Figures”. That one is very cool.

(Matt Lancaster) #10

Lovely image, Eric. Love the range of tones and colors. My eyes dance from leaf to leaf. Well done.