Gerbera Daisy Closeup - Studio Focus Stack

This was an experiment last year when my wife got a Happy Birthday bouquet. I tried a focus stack on the daisy and came away with this result. The detail in the center is pretty incredible.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated.

Technical Details

Fujifilm GFX 100, GF 250mm f/4 with extension tubes. 56 image stack, 1/7 sec @ f/11, ISO 500, Tripod. One studio light to the right.


David: One of my favorite flowers superbly composed, captured and presented. Marvelous image. >=))>

Really love this. Comp and light are excellent. Focus-stacking can be quite tricky, but you seem to have nailed it here. Curious how many exposures you used and what software?

Pretty sweet detail! Gotta love stacking. The center seems a bit dark to me - you probably have room to open those shadows a bit. Wish the light had been more even throughout, but you did get some nice light on those foreground petals. Can almost feel their silkiness. Love that lone skinny petal sticking up in the back.

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Thank you, @Tony_Kuyper for the compliment. Much appreciated. This is a 56 image stack at f/11 with a 250mm lens. I can’t remember if my camera allowed me to set the near and far point for the stack. Originally it would only allow you to set the near focus point and then let it go until the number of set shots or infinity had been reached. If it was the latter, then I probably stopped the shoot when I knew it had gone past the flower. I then processed them into Tiff and used Helicon Focus to blend.

Today, I can blend the raw images in Helicon and create a DNG file for further processing in RAW.

A wonderful, classic composition with perfectly implemented stacking. The center of the flower is very dark and details are present in the large view. The only way to pull more info from the darkest areas of the image is to use fill flash. Fill would alter the lighting that was present and create a very different view of the flower. For artistic purposes, I like this one as presented. Great photo!..Jim

Incredible details! The advantages of stacking! I like how “explosive” the flower looks too.