Gill Nets

The fishermen usually dump their gill nets on shore next to their boats. Due to the nature of monofilament these nets usually billow out rather than lay flat. They come in different colors. In the early mornings I often walk along the shore line looking for one that has that diaphanous appearance of a bridal veil.

This was shot with an iPhone so there is little technical data to provide.

I added a frame to the image because it displays better with one. That’s probably because it’s a light subject that looks better on a lighter background.

It looks like there isn’t a critique version of this gallery. I welcome and desire any critiques you have to offer on this. Some people were actually turned off by this image because gill nets should be banned altogether.

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.

Hi Igor: In the Everything Else Category, you’ll see a section called Everything Else Image Critiques. That’s the place to post an image like this when you’re looking for feedback. You can edit your post using the little pencil icon and change the location of the image.

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Love this Igor. Great eye to spot and frame/compose this. Tells a story of the sea - and the lifestyle of the fisherman.

Only suggestion I have would be to burn down the lighter areas of the netting, but given your comment about the lightness, that may be your goal anyway, and that’s ok too.


Thank you for your feedback Lon. It’s an interesting suggestion because I thought the same thing in the original image and this image is actually the result of a fair amount of burning on the right side and the lower left corner, followed by desaturation due to the increase in color from the burning. All done to deal with that issue. I guess it still isn’t enough. The problem is that the net is more dense in that area because it’s folded upon itself.

Igor, I really like this idea, general composition and subject overall. This is a wonderful take for a Everything Else Image. It brought back some thoughts of the days I spent with some military buddies walking the beaches of Cold Bay, AK. Back then we could find numerous blown glass fishing net floats of all kinds of colors and sizes. I had a good sized box full of them that I shipped home to pass along to family & friends.

I’m in agreement here with you & Lon regarding the extreme brightness of the scene primarily on the right side. As a suggestion I might try selecting & feathering that area and do an Exposure Layer>Gamma decrease. If that helps then finish off with TK’s light actions with whatever layer adjustments you like there. Just my 2 cents…:sunglasses:

I like this. The lightness issues you and Lob were discussing does not bother me. I just like the incredible intricacy and complicated patterns of the net weave. It’s mesmerizing to me.
I think you have a great balance in this. Good light vs dark and rope pattern.
Yeah, it’s good to always have that phone along, isn’t it?

This is a familiar scene near our homes on both coasts Igor, and you composed it well. I’ve never thought to photograph it, mostly because I’ve never been able to discern a pattern in the jumble. But you did so, and nicely!

Even though this came off an iPhone I’d be tempted to do a little “RAW processing,” as possible in the Camera RAW filter under Filters in Photoshop. In my experience it functions quite well with jpegs.

Only reason I suggest it, I think your notable patterns might pop even more if you play a little. I won’t make any specific suggestions because I’m curious what you find. Your eye for pattern tells me that you’ll also do well if you decide to tackle other elements in the photo. Well done.

I am really enjoying the patterns and lines and overall, quite nice. I would be tempted to bring in the black point quite a bit and get more contrast on this one. It seems bright and a bit washed out to my eye. Good eye to compose this out of a chaotic scene.