Glow of the trolls

Glow of the trolls
(Ron Jansen) #1

A lot of great personal memories are shown in this autumn image from Norway.
The day before the first snow fell on the highest peaks. The clear and cold sunrise that followed the next morning was beautiful!

D810 with Nikkor 14-24, f/11, 1/13 s, ISO 64, 14 mm.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

focus-stack for immediate fg

(Jim Gavin) #2

Beautiful image; especially the lighting. It does appear to need some counterclockwise rotation?

(Ron Jansen) #3

Thank you @Jim_Gavin! Not sure about that as all the tops are ligned up in the reflections right now?

(John Williams) #4

Wow, that’s nice Ron! Love it.

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(Ken Henke) #5

Whoa! Sweet light and stellar processing on this beauty!

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(Igor Doncov) #6

Wow. This is impressive. I don’t have much experience with focus stacking but did you really need to do that when shooting at 14mm?

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(Josh Latham ) #7

Not to sound cliche, but this is stunning!

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(Ron Jansen) #8

Thanks Igor! When things get close enough to the lens you still have to stack for maximum sharpness. The stack is only for that rock there in the fg. I had my lens really close to it.

(Ron Jansen) #9

Haha, thank you Josh!

(Kah Kit Yoong) #10

What a great collection of peaks, great lighting and reflections.

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(Ron Jansen) #11

Thank you for your comment Kah!

(Dan Ballard) #12

Man this is great!! Love the comp and the processing is really nice. Well done.

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(Kathy Barnhart) #13

The word that comes to mind is exquisite, something so refined and elegant. Colors are wonderful, as are the light and comp.

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(Ron Jansen) #14

@Dan_Ballard Thank you Dan! I appreciate it!

(Ron Jansen) #15

@Kathy_Barnhart Thanks for your very nice words! :hushed: