Golden autumn along the Danube

Patience has never really been my virtue. One could argue that landscape photography has been therapy for me, in that regard. This image is the perfect example, for it has been 6 months in the making.

I first visited this location in early spring and immediately saw potential for a stunning autumn shot. Later in October I tried to capture the image I had pre-visualized, but the conditions weren’t all to great. So I headed out again, on the first day of winter time, to have another go. At first it seemed like the fog would destroy my hope for a beautiful sunrise, but then, almost an hour later, the magic finally happened.

Sony a7iii, 16-35 @ 19mm, 3 exposure HDR, f/16, iso 400, tripod

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Martin, the golden grapevines have a fine glow. The way the fields on the left and the houses on the right lead down to the river works very well. Having the mist obscure the distant views completes a very warm and inviting view. This view looks to be well worth the wait and repeated visits.

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Thank you ver much Mark. This area is definitely worth multiple visits; not only for photography :smiley: