Good Night Moon

First post - Single shot of a silhouetted beautiful quiet October evening atop Chinook Pass, Mount Rainier National Park
16mm @ f16, ISO 100 for about 20 sec’s

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Welcome to NPN, Scott! Nice first post, with a wonderful mood.

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Great photograph @Scott_Eliot. This image feels peaceful, and silent, and the reflection is a perfect mirror image…you could almost flip the scene and not know if you’re looking at sky or water.

The placement of the moon is fantastic. I like how you have to spend a little time with the scene before you find it tucked away.

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Welcome to NPN Scott! A fine first post. I like the the quiet and peaceful mood captured. The moon is a nice bonus (took a minute to see it!)


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Welcome to NPN, Scott. This is a beautiful peaceful and serene image.

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Very beautiful colors and great symmetry.