Grand Tetons Spring Night

Last Spring my wife and I made a trip to the tetons over memorial day weekend. I found a nice dispersed camping site and we pulled into it well after sunset. As soon as I got the car set up for sleeping I peeked out over the edge to a valley of fog.

Single exposure, luminosity masks, dodging/burning.


This is lovely. The color is very dramatic, and I love the clouds and fog layer.

Really quite nice, the blue toning conveys a good twilight/nighttime mood, and to my taste is not overdone. I love the clouds and fog here, they add a lot of drama. Nicely done.

Oh my! I’ve seen quite a few Teton images, but this is the best I’ve seen in quite a while! Gorgeous light, mood, color. And processed to perfection in my humble opinion. What a nice “wall-hanger” this will be.

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Cody, this is gorgeous. A wall hanger for sure as Ken mentioned.


Gorgeous. Magnificent. Refreshing and dramatic view from a popular location. Just awesome.


looks really amazing! looks like a floating fortress! SICK!

Thank you so much everyone! Right place at the right time, which doesn’t seem to happen often enough haha.

Beautiful image.
Yes right time, right place but you were totally prepared for that moment.

You captured a very majestic and moody image Cody.