Great Blue with crappie

Great Blue showing off its prize catch.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600mm C
ISO 400, f7.1, 1/1600s, hand held


Very nicely captured @Allen_Sparks. Dang, he catches bigger crappie than me! Really nice details throughout. Are you sure you want to go to the R7??? :grinning:

Yes, I’m excited about the improvements available in the R7 for crop sensor bodies. I suggest you see the previews on it made by dpreview and other outfits. Animal tracking autofocus, fifteen frames per second mechanical shutter, improved ISO performance. I can let you know what I learn once I get the camera. Should be late June I think. We’ll see. I’m usually a late adopter but not in this case.

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A wonderful catch on both your parts, Allen. Excellent techs as usual. I’m not sure about the crop on the bottom. It feels rather awkward to me, but the pose doesn’t seem to provide anything that works a whole lot better.

Wow, what a catch, for you and the GB! Such wonderful details in the GB and the fish. He sure has him a meal there.

I’m tempted on the R7 too, Allen. I watched a video on it and then read the DP review as well. Sounds really good. I just don’t get out to take photos much at all anymore, so most of what I shoot is in my yard through the window, and I have tried numerous times to get in flight images of the Bluebirds, etc. and miss it every time. The R7 looks like it would do the trick. Which lens adapter would you get, the one with the filter (polarizer or plain). There are times when near the water shooting I would like the polarizing filter, but most of the time I rather have that extra stop of light.

Hi Shirley,
I ordered the basic lens adapter not the control ring. I’ve only managed in flight shots of bluebirds by pre-focusing on a spot in front of a nest box and then shooting without engaging autofocus at all. I’m not sure the R7’s autofocus would handle songbirds in flight - I kind of doubt it.
I’ll know more once I get the camera and will be happy to share what I learn.

Thank you, Allen. I’ve tried that method of not engaging the focus after locking onto the nest box. I’ve got a few shots, but most are misses. I will be anxious to hear how you like the camera though. Also looking forward to shots you take with it.

Really good job in the detail. The depth of field works well in this image. I’m with Dennis on the crop. Probably not much you could do about it.

Hi Allen
This is beginning to look like a fish story. (look what I have dad). very cool. The detail is great, that is some pond.

Allen, I preordered the R7! It looks like a really nice upgrade from the 7D Mk II.

Sounds good Shirley! We can share our learnings once the R7s come in.

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