Great Egret Surprise

As I was nearing the end of my landscape photography trip on a summer morning at a local park, I saw a small crowd of people nearby. I walked over curious about the gathering. There in the canal this great bird rested in wonderful morning light with an incredible background. Needless to say, despite my lack of experience photographing nature’s wonderful creatures, I quickly setup the tripod and camera and took many shots. I’m grateful that all parties allowed me the necessary freedom to get this shot.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.

Nikon D810 with a Nikon 24-120 f/4 lens and polarizer filter. Manfrotto tripod. Custom made L-bracket.

Very well done, Marc. Nice details on the bird and perch. While normally having the bird looking into the frame might be preferred, the duck weed is really beautiful, and it always makes for a simple, clutter free image, and it actually makes the surroundings as much the subject as the bird. Lots to like here.

Thank you, Bill. The shot was unexpected and rushed, but the scene was so incredible I was going to do my best in the moment. As far as the bird looking into the frame, is this image what you had in mind?

Marc, I meant having the subject looking toward the middle portion of the frame, rather than looking out toward the edge. In other words in your original, having the bird placed in the right portion of the frame.

Love the combination of green & white.
Since it belongs to Avian category, shifted here.