Great Horned Owl

#5 in my series of Hawks Aloft’s rescued raptors taken in BDA at Keith Bauer’s workshop.

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Canon 7d Mark II; Sigma 150-600 at 184 mm; 1/640 at f7.1; ISO 400

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I love the intense gaze. Are the different iris openings something that owls do, or does this particular owl have some injury that causes that?

Alberto, Thanks for commenting on my series of rescued raptors. I don’t know the answer to your question. I wonder if owls can alter their pupil sizes individually. I notice that the dilated pupil is in the shade, while the constricted pupil has more light on it. I’ll have to ask someone who knows more about birds than I do.

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Alberto, I contacted an expert birder and he provided the following article Vision Research

Barn owls have symmetrical accommodation in both eyes, but independent pupillary responses to light

Author links open overlay panelFrankSchaeffel*[HermannWagner†]

He felt this made sense as owl’s eyes are fixed.

Thank you Allen - that’s interesting! I did not know that there were any animals with this capability. What I did know from personal experience is that it is a fairly common symptom in cats with the feline leukemia virus. Apparently the virus attacks their optic nerve and their pupils dilate differently. That’s why I was wondering whether this owl may have had an injury causing the condition.
Thanks again!