Green Goddess

I was wandering the beach dominated by browns after Out of Oregon, and when I found green in the sand, it stands out and is very rich, begging for a portrait.

Specific Feedback Requested

Asymmetrical patterns are puzzles. Instead of a full frame of repetition, there is figure and ground. Sand in particular is so uniform it is like a canvas to paint on.

Does this have enough harmony and tension to be interesting?

Technical Details

Taken hand held with a DSC RX10 at 12MM f/11 ISO1600. Denoised with Topaz.

@Michael_Jones Michael, I deeply apologize for not responding to your image. Somehow I missed it and I’m sorry for that!

Thank you for being a valuable member of NPN. I do hope you continue to share your work here and also encourage you to share your own thoughts on other posts.

What an awesome find and image! I love the patterns of the seaweed and your choice for a vertical composition. The seaweed forms a pleasing curve and the scattered rocks add some nice visual interest and weight. Normally I do not like tall vertical images instead opting for a 4x5 format but I think the composition you shared here works for the scene. The left edge of the frame feels a bit bright in the sand section so you could try burning that area a bit. You could also try to cool down the greens especially in the upper section by selecting the greens in Lightroom and adjusting the hue towards the cooler spectrum. Just a bit is probably needed. Thanks again for sharing this image and great job with the framing.