Green Sponge

This is an oldie that I dug up to re-evaluate and tweak. My first sense was that it is too busy with a lot going on. What do you think? Are the tiny cascades the main elements to you? The visual flow to me is from the background forward and out to the right. Thanks for your views.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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I like the basic idea here, Larry. For me this image is all about those luscious greens and IMO you included to much information in the scene. Did you happen to get any images where you were closer to the BG falls? You would still have those wonderful greens on the two rock walls flanking the waterfall. If you are able to reshoot this that is where I would place my emphasis to simplify the scene. If you were able to capture this with more water flow it would probably come across better. I hope that does not sound to negative as this is just my opinion of course.

Like @Ed_Lowe, I too agree that this lovely image can be simplified a bit. I took the liberty to crop it differently - just my personal taste.
I tried to pop it a bit - hopefully didn’t overdo it
Also tried to add some life into the shadows by bringing up the whites here

As someone who is very drawn to water and moss, I find that the action is on the left side of the image. The brighter rocks on the right take up some space in the image which, coupled with their brightness, suggests that they are an integral element to tell the story. For me though, they don’t seem to add much to the story. Also, the dark tree at the top of the image also draws my attention, but is not helping to tell the story (as I’m trying to interpret the scene) of the lush greens and gentle flow. The green sponge is pretty cool, and is a great title. I’d be interested in your thoughts on the above.

@Jim_McGovern,@Ed Lowe, @Karl_Zuzarte thanks. I agree with your consistent take on the image. I actually did crop a fair amount, but realize the image is just too busy. I guess I was trying to make something out of this after several years. Other than the green, there isn’t much if anything. I appreciate your input.