Greetings from Idaho

I look forward to meeting many of you here and sharing and learning in this community. I don’t know that I have a favorite nature image but this is one of my macro shots from 2022.

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Hi Connie and welcome to NPN! So glad you found us and I hope you’ll make this your photography home on the internet.

Mushrooms! Now you’re speaking my language. These are so cute and I like that you concentrated focus on the largest one, letting the rest slide out of focus.

Feel free to ping me or any of the moderators for help with the site and please do look around at all the areas and join in on any discussion or chat thread that catches your eye.

Two good resource pages to check out if you haven’t yet - Art of Image Critique

and good old FAQ

Thank you Kristen. These mushrooms were tiny. I’d say the largest was less that an inch diameter

Hi Connie and welcome to the NPN community! This is a nice first post and I’m looking forward to more of your work.

Thank you Steve, I’m looking forward to participating

Hi Connie,
Welcome to NPN! That’s a beautiful first photo.
I hope you will enjoy this friendly community as much as I do. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Hi Connie,

Welcome to NPN! Great to have you here. We look forward to your images and engagement with the community. Bunch of great folks here - Jump right in!


Hi Connie and welcome to NPN! I’m sure you’ll find us welcoming and helpful. I look forward to seeing your part of the world through your eyes.

Arriving late to the party, but I just want to say, welcome to NPN, Connie. I hope you are finding this site to be all you hoped it to be. Looking forward so seeing images and reading your comments. For whatever the reason I was unable to open the mushroom image in large view, maybe it will later. I really enjoy macro because it gives us another universe within this one to explore. Happy shooting.