Greetings I'm Jeremy from Calgary!!

Howdy all,
My name is Jeremy Calow and I’m primarily a landscape / Prairiescape photographer from Calgary. I was an avid member of NPN in the early 2000’s but took some time away from the community and am returning back now. Over the past few years (since 2018) I’ve started to transition my photography from primarily digital back to primarily analog and for the last year and a half nearly all of my time has been spent only with analog.

I, like many I presume, use photography and the act of capturing photographs as a way to reset myself mentally from the hustle and bustle of working a full time job and being a husband/father. It’s amazing to me how quickly a trip out to the field can strip away the stress and unease that I might be feeling because of a deadline or issue in the office, and the added mental focus required for analog photography really is providing me a nice balance to challenge and offset the same problem solving skills I use day to day at work.

Anyways enough rambling on, I’m adding one of my favourites from the past year or so and its something less flashy than some others I’ve captured but for me it was all about the light interplay. I found this scene in southern Idaho on a fall road trip through the NW states off of a dirt back road as storms started moving through the region. I pulled down a side road to the side of a ranch field and pulled out the pano camera and captured this scene with the dappling light and moving clouds.

I’m looking forward to really exploring the community again and hoping to learn more and develop as a photographer and visual artist.

Welcome back Jeremy! I’m certainly looking forward to seeing more of your work if this is any indication. I love the dappled light on the landscape.

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Welcome back. Beautiful image, too! I am curious about the film gear you are using. I am an ex-4x5 guy and switched to digital. I am still selling off gear.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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Thanks Daivid, I appreciate the kind words! I took a few years to focus prairies and farm land but I’m feeling the call of the mountains again!

Thanks very much Harley. I’m currently using a Pentax 67 With the 2 zoom lenses, a Fuji GX617 With the 105 and 180mm cones and a Chamonix 45f-2 with a Nikkor 90mm and Rodenstock 150mm lens. And a 6x12 pinhole wraps up the film family !

Glad you are back Jeremy. I am a reasonably new member and look forward to seeing more of your images.