Greetings, this is Randal from New Mexico

I am a retired biologist/ecologist, though most of my career was in environmental inspection and enforcement. I’ve lived and worked in the west/southwest US, except for a few years in Appalachia and a few months in Portland Oregon. My work and travels have always involved nature in some way; and I bring some science to my appreciation of nature.
I consider myself a nature and landscape photographer, with some emphasis on plants and flowers. But some architecture catches my eye; while not a religious person, I have an affinity with church architecture. And I have a (perhaps childish) attraction to big, bright colors (e.g., hot-air balloons).
I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and first discovered nature (including flowers) in the mountains there. But I now make northern New Mexico my home.
My photography is largely instinctive; to the extent I consciously plan it, it nearly always follows “the rule of thirds.” I would like to learn some other approaches. I’ve always thought some of my photos are good, and friends have bought a few; but I’ve had little success in photo contests, and no commercial success. So I think I also need to incorporate a little humility into my self-evaluations.

Welcome to NPN Randal. I’m from Albuquerque. Great to have you here from our lovely southwestern state.

Hope to see more of your work and participation on the site.


Randal, welcome to NPN. I know you’ll get a lot out of this community and I look forward to your contributions as well. Wonderful image here too.

Wonderful introductory image, Randal. Welcome to NPN. With an open mind, you not only learn more about your own work but by critiquing others work, you will begin to appreciate all kinds of different nuances and maybe the rule of thirds wont be a RULE anymore. LOL

Thank you for your kind words.

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