Guanaco Sunrise

Guanaco Sunrise

Guanacos are seemingly everywhere on the edges of Torres del Paine National Park, but after several trips I’m still not bored of them. They make for an attractive subject when placed against the dramatic mountain backdrops or other beautiful scenery in the region, with a distinct silhouette or beautiful coloration, depending on the direction of the light.

On this particular morning, the first of my recent Patagonia tour, we had a nice sunrise on the peaks, but I urged one of my clients to travel with me further up the road in search of something to shoot against these dramatic colorful clouds. Over the next hill we found this small herd approaching the ridge. It worked out pretty well, and we got a few shots before they disappeared over the edge. As it turned out, they spotted a puma (we could tell from the alarm calls that began echoing across the hills) soon after this was taken, but the cat was on the back side of the hill and out of our sight.

Canon 1DX
Canon 100-400mm
ISO 800


An excellent silhouette image, Max. That sky is really beautiful, and the blackness of the hill and the Guanaco just compliments those beautiful, wavy clouds that are lit up by the sunrise. Well seen and captured. I am sure that the rest of your clients wished that they had gone on with you if they saw this image. Sometimes it is worth looking further.

Thanks Shirley. It is nice when you have a place like this that offers a variety of subjects that appeal to different people. Having the opportunity to decide which subject to shoot in a given moment is a nice “problem” to have. :wink:


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Just love the silhouettes and the glorious skies !