Hanging On

I have been going through the images on my website, adding recents (I was three years in arrears on that), culling some (still need to do more) and re-tweaking others. This is one from Yosemite in 2014 to which I made some changes to the master file.

Made with a Chamonix 4x5 with B&W film, either Acros or Delta 100. I sold all the 4x5 gear and only occasionally miss it.


I really like this image Harley. Lovely tones and I always enjoy the super silky water look. Really nice.

Harley, a really fine take on this scene. The smooth water action actually works very well on this one in the finished product from the original B&W image. I’m sure it would not be as artful without the support of all the rocks surrounding the tree trunk base. Excellent work… :+1: :+1:

Definitely worth the trip to an old photo. The contrast of the smooth water and the textured vegetation is beautiful, and the composition surrounding that magnificent tree works very well!

This is a beauty and perfect subject for BW. Nice separation between the tree and the background vegetation. The silky water provides additional visual appeal while simplifying and focusing the composition on the lone sapling. I can’t think of any way to improve.

There is only suggestion I can think of and that is burning just a little bit the blurred water on the lower left corner.

I have no experience shooting film, do you keep the digital master file only or do you happen to archive the slides too?

Both. Someday (highly unlikely though) I may want to rescan the film. I also keep my raw digital files because I may want to reprocess one in the future.

Harley, this is a classic 4x5 view, with the silky water, standout tree and outstanding details. The fallen logs on the bank are a nice extra. Well seen and well presented.

It is beautiful Harley. The dynamics in this photograph are fantastic, both in range and motion. I still have my 4x5 gear, although I rarely have the time to make photos with it, and dread the cost, yet I miss it all the time, and I still have it. :wink: