Happy to join

I look forward to learning and sharing with the Network. I have been very impressed by the quality of the photos on the site.


Hello Tom! Welcome to NPN! This is a beautiful photo! I like the perspective of the beautiful bird and the colors in the rippling water. It’s a very peaceful setting.

Hi Tom, and welcome to NPN! I hope that you find the site everything you hoped it to be. I’m looking forward to reading your comments/critiques, as well as seeing more of your images.

What a great image you have posted here in your introduction. I love the color of the water, making the bird really stand out nicely. Looking forward to seeing more of your images.

Greetings, Tom. Welcome to NPN. What a great portrait of that bird - looking forward to seeing your work.

Welcome aboard, Tom. Beautiful image. The background light is gorgeous. This is a friendly, helpful place and I think you will quite enjoy it.


Thanks for the feedback. I will look for your photos.


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Thanks for your feedback. What do you do as “macro moderator?”


Tom, as a Moderator, one of the things I do is watch the site to make sure comments are friendly and respectful, to help keep NPN the kind of site we all enjoy. I also help in the selection of the “Editor’s Pick” for Macro each week as well as the annual pick. I view and comment on Macro photos especially, and try to help in critiques, and encourage others in their macro work. I also comment on other photos too, of course, but really focus on the the Macro category, which happens to be one of my favorites. I try to help answer questions when I can. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos and comments.