Hard Dive

First time out with my Sony A9II. Watched this GBH for a while and saw his body language change and knew he was on the hunt. Was able to capture the series of this hard dive for a fish and was delighted to capture the fish attempting to escape. He almost completely submerged himself during this dive and did come up with the fish.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Sony A9II
FE 200-600 lens at 582mm
ISO 500
1/2000 sec
f / 6.3
Cropped to only change ratio to 16:9
Minor post production enhancements to match the scene of the day

What a great action shot. Thanks for your patience stalking and waiting. The doomed fish is a Ice bonus.

Whoops sorry for the criticism- It’s force of habit!

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Beautiful action shot with a neat reflection! Thanks for sharing this!

Hello @Kris_Smith & @chris10 maybe I’m stepping out of bounds but I just wanted to let you know that this posting is a Showcase and not a critique. @Jay_Whipple is just sharing a really awesome moment he captured in the field!

My Faux Pas…apologies and will take down the critique


Beautiful image, Jay. Stunning. Great Blues are one of my favorite targets in SC.