Haschbach morning

Morning moments in the hills surrounding Haschbach, Germany and the incredible “range of light” and mist that greeted me…Haschbach alive!

Panasonic GH3/Lumix 45-200mm Adobe Lightroom/SilverEfex Pro

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I’m enjoying all the layers in this, it has great depth and keeps me engaged.

Thanks David! On that morning I was fortunate enough to capture this and “Field of Vision”. It was definitely a good morning, miss the German countryside. That being said, Utah isn’t exactly a slouch!


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Really grabs my attention. I love fog / cloud and tree images. They have a serenity about them.

Totally agree Youssef!


Mark, this image is another winner for me. I especially like the contrast in the first two layers of trees, you had the perfect level of fog to accentuate them.

Mark, I really love B&W images and this one is really special! Thanks for sharing.

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You are more than welcome Alan!


This works really well - the (many!) layers all complement the image. I like how there are varying degrees of intensity of silhouetted trees, from the strong/dark trees in the foreground to the more subtle silhouettes further beyond. I’m also enjoying the full tonal range from pure black to pure white.

Thanks Ron! The mood that morning was off the charts.