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Cannes Royal Regatta 2018 | Moonbeam IV in the centre (8)

Moonbeam IV was **the fourth, final and largest MOONBEAM designed and built by William Fife Junior for Charles Plumptree Johnson. She is one of the finest Gaff Cutters of the 20th century.

I met the owner and went onboard in 2019, but he had no interest in the image. Now it’s changed hands.

Straight capture. Not a composite.

Technical Details

Canon G16 F8 1/500 80


Love this Laura. I’m thinking to myself how you got such a great low perspective. Great work!

I really like this low, low perspective, Laura! I can’t recall seeing an image of sailboats without their hulls showing, but that’s what makes this so unique and interesting for me. The ocean swells seem so massive against the hull-less boats, kind of creating a sense of scale and how small the boats are compared to the big giant ocean. Beautiful work!

Sensational, Laura. What a wonderful scene. Makes me what to get a sailboat. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Alfredo_Mora Many thanks Alfredo! I must say, I didn’t expect any such result: it was a complete surprise. One of the best ones of my entire life, I might add…

@Mark_Muller Exactly what I wish to convey. You are spot on! Many thanks for your kind words, Mark. Much appreciated!

@David_Bostock Haha if a photo makes a viewer want to do something, then I consider it a good photo :slight_smile: Many thanks, David. I’m really glad that you like it!

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Absolutely gorgeous @LauraEmerson! the composition is spot on IMO and the tones of blue on that water just wraps the images as a whole. Great shot no doubt.

Many thanks for the appreciation, @João_Ferrão ! :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: