Hello, community, I'm Rob and a new member.

I have been a nature photography enthusiast for many years while simultaneously working full time as a management consultant to the health care industry. I recently retired from that 38 year career and desire to devote much more time to landscape and nature photography now that I am not living in airports, hotels, and client conference rooms. I live in West Michigan. My objective in joining NPN is to receive honest and constructive feedback on my work to improve both my technical skills as well as the art of seeing. I look forward to engaging with the NPN community. The photo attached here is of Denali National Park made during a 2014 trip. Due to the weather, Denali itself was not visible, so I attempt to capture the remarkable feeling of the tundra. I hope you enjoy!

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Welcome to the NPN Community Rob.

Out of curiosity, do you plan on traveling much for your photographic endeavors, or will you instead keep closer to your home in West Michigan?

Thanks for the warm welcome. While I do plan to travel, I want to try to make creative images near my own home as well. Before replying, I took a look at your website. It appears that you are able to make some beautiful images without traveling to exotic places. I’d like to do the same.

Hi Rob! Welcome to NPN! This is a great community to get honest and constructive feedback. Critiquing other people’s photos is also a great way to learn.

I really like your first post. I’ve been to Denali a few times and have never had a clear view of the whole mountain. One of these days …

Hi and welcome Robert - nice to see another Great Lakes region member. I’m next door in Wisconsin. While Denali and other locations offer amazing landscapes and experiences, I think exceptional work can be done in your own backyard as well. With Superior and Michigan you can get coastal shots, the Porcupines in the UP are wonderful as are the waterfalls up there. I’m not familiar with the LP as much, but I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Welcome to NPN Rob! I think you’ll find you’ll like it here. I know I do! There are so many awesome and helpful people here.

Welcome aboard, Rob.

Hi Rob, welcome to NPN and congrats on retirement!

Hi, Rob. Welcome to the NPN. This is a great community precisely for the honest and helpful feedback we receive. There are dozens of very knowledgeable photographers here.

Denali is very moody. We were lucky to spend 3 days in the park and see the mountain every morning. The tundra view you shared is beautiful. It reminded me a lot of the view from the Eielson visitor center. Beautiful photo!

Hi Rob, welcome to NPN and to retirement. Wonderful image from Denali. Looking forward to seeing more of your images.