Hello from Florida, I'm Aaron Smith

I have been shooting for several years, but have been increasingly interested in photography as a hobby since 2018. I am a born and raised Floridian and as of this year I have finally launched my website (www.aaronsmithfineart.com). I am into nature and landscape photography and joined this community because it seems like the perfect place to get feedback on my work and network with like minded artists.

I look forward to contributing to the community here as well as growing my own skills through image critiques and all the other resources this site has to offer. Ultimately, I hope to connect with someone that can be a mentor to me as I attempt to navigate the world of owning your own photography business.

The image I’m sharing with this post is from Rock Springs in Wekiva, FL. I took this just a couple of months ago as one of the first images on my new Canon R5. It is quite the upgrade from the Canon 6D that has been serving me for the past several years!

Thanks for looking!

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Hi Aaron and Welcome to NPN! :slight_smile:

This is fine first post! The colors are intriguing and the composition looks good :slight_smile:
I like the tropical/everglades look. I can easily imagine a gator lurking just under the surface.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of your part of the country :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome to NPN from another Smitty. This is a look into a world I rarely see so am looking forward to your continued participation and contribution to our critique conversations. There are many R5 users here and not a few of them came from a 6D as well so I’m sure if you have questions from that perspective, they will chime in.

Quick site tip - you can reply to multiple people in one post by highlighting any text in their reply and using the Quote function. Another way is to use the @ symbol and choose the person in the list that comes up. Use the tab key to automatically select and fill the name in your reply. Hope that made sense!

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Aaron, welcome to NPN. So glad you have joined this wonderful community. I am confident that you will find the site to be a great place to share and grow, both in sharing your images as well as your critiques of other’s images. What a fine first post! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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Hi Aaron,

Welcome to NPN! Glad that you found us and look forward to your images and participation!

Indeed a great place to get critical feedback - this is NOT a “Like” or “atta-boy” site; plenty of places for that. And with that, it’s also a place where the more you engage and participate by helping and critiquing other members, the more you get to grow yourself.

Thanks for sharing your first image. Quite the fascinating scene with the water - At first I was thinking the water was colored by some mineral or something, but then realized the water is clear (right?) and it’s the silt/bottom that is providing the colors… wild.

Looking forward to your images and participation. Welcome!


Good catch, Lon.

I missed that detail, the water does appear to be severe clear and very still.
Given that detail, I take back my comment about gators lurking under the surface.

Might be sand on the bottom considering the lapped texture?

Can you shed some light on what the bottom is made of, Aaron?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Lon, the water is very clear, and I suspect the color is from the minerals in the spring water, as well as the diffracted light from all the green foliage… but that’s just my guess. The deeper the water was the more saturated the color. This part was about shin-high.

Hey Mervin, the bottom is sand, and the color is likely from the minerals in the spring water. Otherwise is it perfectly clear!

Thanks, Aaron! :slight_smile:

That “Clears” things up for me! :smiley:

It’s an intriguing scene to begin with and even more so with a perfectly clear body of water!

Thanks for the response!

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Hi Aaron,
Welcome to NPN! That is a nice introduction and you have great stuff on your website.
And that’s a beautiful first image.
Can’t wait to see more of your work.

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