Hello from the UK

Hi, I am Graeme, 56 year old amateur photographer living in Rochdale near Manchester in the UK. I enjoy all genres of photography but with a bias towards landscapes and with a passion for Black and White for which I have a lot to learn. I use Leica cameras and have an SL, TL2 and M246 Monochrom.
This website seems like a breath of fresh air being more focussed on the photography than gear. Looking forward to learning more from you guys and gals.

Anyone else from the UK?


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Hi Graeme, and welcome to NPN. So glad you found us. I hope you find this site everything you hoped it to be. I know for me it has really been a great place to learn the skill, as well as enjoy viewing wonderful images that others have taken, which challenges me to improve my shots as well. Looking forward to seeing your images, and read your critiques as well. I live in the US, but we have some photographers from the UK, so hopefully they will chime in and introduce themselves to you. Great to have you here.

Welcome Graeme to NPN. Looking forward to seeing some of your photos.

Welcome Graeme! Looking forward to seeing your images. We have quite a few UK members, take a look at Member Map to see, and there are many more who haven’t add their location to their profile.

Hello Graeme, Welcome to the forums. It’s a great place for sharing, learning, helping and just enjoying the beauty of some fantastic photographs from like minded others.
I’m in the UK, Worthing on the coast in West Sussex.

Welcome, Graeme. NPN is a good place to hang out. You can get some great feedback, expand based on other images and feedback on them and even more so, giving your own on the work of others. People are friendly and helpful and there is some great work posted.