Hello! I am Charli (nickname for Charlotte) and live in Colorado.

For the past few years I seem to have gravitated toward wildlife and birds, although I enjoy shooting a variety of subjects. My husband, Tom, and I often go for random drives – east to the plains or west to the mountains – or to some of our favorite spots, such as local wildlife refuges and state and national parks.

I can see there is a lot going on at NPN, and while it may take a while to become familiar with it all, I look forward to browsing and learning.

This may not be my very favorite image, but it’s one that makes me smile.

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Hello Charli. Welcome to NPN. We’re happy you are here.

Hope you will jump in, post images and share your work. We also want and expect that you’ll participate by commenting on the work of others. That’s the only way this site can work. Take a look around, review the guidance for commenting and join in. This is a great place to learn and get honest feedback.

Thanks so much for the welcome, Keith. I have a week-long trip coming up next week, so I may get a slow start on participating, but I am definitely looking forward to being a part of the NPN community, learning as well as commenting.


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Hi, Charli. Welcome to NPN. A fun first image, and I’m looking forward to more. I think you’ll enjoy being a part of this community.

Hi and welcome, Charli. I love the “frozen eyebrows”! Maybe on your week-long trip you’ll come up with more great shots.

Thanks so much, Terry. I look forward to this new community.


Thanks, Terry. Aren’t those little tufts cute? My upcoming week will be mostly in a non-photographic conference, but I take my camera everywhere, so who knows? I might come away with something! (Cloud formations from the plane can sometimes be interesting.)

Charli, welcome to NPN. I’m so glad you joined this community. Love your image. It brought a smile to my face as well. Too cute! Have a nice safe trip and we look forward to your participation. If you need help maneuvering around on the site, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will try to answer any questions you might have. Again, welcome!

A Woohoo and warm welcome! Looking forward to seeing your images and connecting over our passion. Julie

Thank you, Shirley!

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Julie, thanks so much for the welcome!

Hi Charli! Welcome to NPN. I’m a relative newcomer and have enjoyed the community so far. Love those bird eyebrows!

Thanks, Cameron! and welcome to you as well.

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Welcome to NPN! Glad to have you here and we look forward to your images and participation!

Hope you have/had a great trip and hope to see you jump right in!



Thank you, Lon! Good trip so far.