Hello! I'm Andrew.

Hey y’all, excited to be here. I’m Andrew Schlaepfer, I live in Boulder, CO, and I’m a software engineer by trade. I haven’t shot much since college but have recently been inspired by the mountains around me to pick up the camera again. I’m pursuing primarily 4x5 and 6x17 film photography. I don’t mind the workout of lugging around all that gear and I enjoy the very slow approach to photography. I’m trying to connect more to the land around me through photography. Getting outside, exploring new areas, and getting to know the plant and animal friends that call these mountains home is my goal.

Here’s one of the first images back from the lab from a recent outing. Looking forward to learning with y’all!


Hello Andrew and welcome to the NPN community. I assume this was one of your 6x17 panoramic scenes. You’ve come to right place for support on image reviews overall. It’s nice to see a new film user here. Admittedly I’m one of those dinosaurs still roaming the outdoors using 6x7 and 4x5 in pursuit of images… :sunglasses:

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Andrew, welcome to NPN. I am sure you’ll get a lot out of this community. I look forward to more of your work and to your contributions. This first post is awesome. I lived in Denver in the late '70s and loved Boulder and the Rockies. This pano is sensational. What film are you using?


Thanks Paul! Yes, this was a 6x17. Happy to join the film club!

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Thanks so much David, that means a lot! This was actually an unplanned shot, I had two more exposures left on a roll of Portra 400 as I was hiking out and I just loved the color in the grass and the way the long shadows of the trees striated the opposite slope.

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Super first image, Andrew. I think you’ll find a bunch of like minded folks here ready to help review your work. It’s collaborative so we all help each other. Looking forward to seeing more of your work and also your comments on others images. Welcome Aboard!

Thanks David! Definitely excited to participate in the community.

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Hi Andrew, and welcome to NPN! :wave: