Hello, I'm David

I shoot primarily landscape and nature. I rarely use a tripod and instead like to shoot “street-style.” I’m very much an intuitive shooter. I generally don’t do a lot of planning. I like to go to a location and just see what catches my eye. I live in Roseville, which is about twenty miles outside of Sacramento in California. I’m looking forward to getting and giving serious and constructive feedback. I’m sick of social media and all that goes along with it. I just want to be a part of community who loves photography and NPN sounds like the right place for me.


Hello David and welcome to the long time running NPN community. Glad to see you found the website and look forward to your participation in the future.
This is truly a stunning first image posting . As time goes by you might include some of your technical data on future posts if you’re looking for any specific recommendations for any changes. Regardless, in many cases there is little or no need for thought for change such as this fine image.

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Thanks so much Paul. I didn’t see an area where I could include any extra info for this image as it was part of the “create your profile” section and it just had an upload button. I have uploaded a showcase image and I did include the tech specs for that. I do plan on including that with all my posts.

Take care!

Hi David and welcome to NPN. Here’s hoping you find our community both welcoming, informative and a fun way to both experience other people’s work and show your own. Please have a look at the FAQ/Guidelines if you haven’t already.

This is a tremendous introductory shot. Quite dramatic and shows your accomplishment as a photographer very well. Not the typical 'gram shot for sure.

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Thank you for the warm welcome Kristen and for your kind words re: my photograph.

OK…Understood, David.

Welcome to NPN, David. Great introduction image; stunning monochrome! Very much looking forward to seeing more of your work. Welcome!

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Thank you very much. Appreciate it!

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Welcome David! Glad to have join the NPN community. Wonderful black and white image.

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Thank you so much Alfredo. I’m happy to be here!

Very welcome David. I am sure you will like it here. What a great first post. A very dramatic image, I really like the light and your B&W rendition. Just a minor comment that is a matter of personal taste, but maybe you could try to lighten a tad the LLC to reveal a hint of texture.

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David, welcome to NPN, I like this image a lot and am interested to hear more about your Street-Style of landscape photography.

Also looking forward to more of your work.


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Welcome to NPN! I think you’ll find this to be a great place and community - and most certainly a far cry from social media. It’s too easy (and meaningless) to click on a “like” button - it requires no effort and provides even less value…

Don’t be shy, jump right in and share some images and just as importantly, don’t be shy about offering your opinion and critique on other’s work as well.

Welcome aboard!


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David, welcome to NPN. I hope you find this site as rewarding as I have. I really like this image. B&W really works for this. The lighting seems to be spotlighting right down on the tree and rocks, which really emphasizes them. Looking forward to more of your images as well as your critiques. Again, welcome to NPN.

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Thank you Ola

Thanks Lon

Thank you Shirley

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Welcome David. This is quite a beautiful first post. I love the B&W treatment on this. You have exquisite light on the trees and the central portion of the foreground which adds greatly to the beauty and wonderment of this image. Can’t wait to see more of your work. You certainly came to right place if you are looking forward to giving and receiving advice on your images. Enjoy the ride.

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Thanks so much, David

Great to see you here, David. It sounds like we have some of the same motivations in joining NPN recently. I’ve followed your photography on Twitter, but it’s just not geared for engaging in real discussions and improving our work it seems. Look forward to seeing more.

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