Hello Photographers!!

I am an amateur photographer that loves to travel off the beaten path. I love all photography but enjoy wildlife photography the most. I feel the lens of my camera opens up another dimension to wildlife and allows me to experience their essence a little deeper. And … also, hopefully portray some of their true essence in my images.

I have just started a journey into landscape and long exposures. I am not very good at it, to be honest, but hoping to learn and enjoy. I am also looking forward to interacting with fellow photographers!


Hello Jennifer, welcome to NPN. I know you’ll get a lot out of the community. I love your image here. A fantastic portrait.

I look forward to your participation and to seeing more of your work.


Hi, Jennifer. Welcome to the NPN. What a lovely introductory photo you shared! I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Morning Egidio! Thank you for the welcome! I was sincerely pleasantly surprised with the welcome email. Totally appreciated! I look forward to future correspondence.

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Morning David! Thank you sooo much for the welcome … I was totally surprised by the welcome email!

So you are the Landscape Moderator. Can you give me direction as to how that works? Landscape and long exposures are currently my new focus … and I have a lot to learn. I would really love feed back on my recent attempts.

Also, after browsing your portfolio, I must say your abstracts are totally stunning! As is all your work.

Hi Jennifer, thank you for the compliment, it means a lot to me. The abstract category is new here at NPN and a lot of people are having fun with it. I just started with the ICM tries a couple of months ago. It’s a nice release since I can’t really get anywhere for those grand scenics at the moment.

I am one of three moderators for the landscape category. Your landscape and long exposures would likely be a great fit for this category. Here’s some info about Posting in in the Critique Categories

That should help you get started. We’re a friendly group here always willing to provide critiques, suggestions, support. I look forward to your images and of course your participation in the critiques as well.

Best regards,

Jennifer, welcome to NPN. So glad you found us, and I really am enjoying your image hear, and look forward to seeing more.

Hi Jennifer! It’s wonderful to have you joining the network. I certainly look forward to seeing your landscape and long exposure photographs, as I believe it is always great to experiment with this art form. And there is truly no better place on the internet to learn from others than NPN, so I do hope you share readily and seek out as much information from others as you can.

Oh, and I love the photograph you paired here. What type of monkey is that?

Thank you David!!

Morning Shirley! Thank you for the welcome! Loved your portrait of the Praying Mantis … you really caught some good personality in that image!

Morning Cody! My image is a Sifaka Lemur taken at Berenty Preserve. I totally fell in love with their personalities, curiosity and love of playing. I was totally surprised this image turned out as it was one of those moments when there isn’t much time to think … just have to shoot. As I was walking a trail at the preserve, this little cutie came out of the bush at eye level and within an arms length. As to be expected, gone in a flash.

Cody, I really enjoyed your story on Slow Photography … so very very true. I spent much time looking at your image, Nature’s Triqueta. It is a gorgeous black and white! The composition is amazing.


Welcome to NPN Jennifer! All kinds of nature photography here, so don’t be shy! We look forward to your images and your participation and contributions to the forums and galleries.


I’m with you…the more off the grid and up close and personal the better! Welcome!