I am a long time lurker, but I’ve decided it’s time to join in properly. This is the photo that really got me into wildlife photography. I had loved the subject for many, many years, and finally, I decided to try it. Although this isn’t the perfect image, the big white patch in the top lefthand corner is distracting, the experience it reminds me of was amazing. The opportunity to see and connect with a wild animal is for me what wildlife photography is all about. I am looking forward to joining and contributing to the NPN .


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Hello Will and welcome to the NPN photo community. This photo is very nice and your observation of any item in the scene not being perfect indicates you’re already tuned in. We all find needs to personalize images to our liking thru post processing. You’ve come to the right place to share those ideas… :sunglasses:

Hi Will! Welcome to NPN! This is a nice first post and I look forward to more.

Welcome aboard, Will. Cute little fella. Since you have been lurking a while, you know this is a pretty dang good place to hang out, photographically speaking.

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Thank you all for your welcome. There are so many talented photographers here I can’t wait to start learning!

How did you get a shot of a rabbit with such detail? I have never owned a camera fast enough, or a lens long enough to pull off any shot of an animal like that–though granted I’m very much still learning when it comes to photography.

Hi Will and welcome to NPN. Glad you decided to de-lurk. Nice looking hare up there. Sure it isn’t a contest-winner, but it’s a nice portrait of a hard to photograph critter. Looking forward to your participation!