Heron rookery in Portland, C

This is a new posting of the Heron rookery in Portland, CT, taken on April 8, 2020. I reworked these three shots with the new DeepPrime Denoising in DxO PhotoLab 4 and the improvement in quality made them worth posting.
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What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

All photos are taken with a Canon7DII and Sigma 150-600mm, on a tripod using a cable release, ISO 800, F9, 600mm, 1/3200 and cropped by 40 to 50%. The exposure -.3, highlight, midtones and local adjustment brush to sharpen the Herons, were already set in DxO Photo Lab3.

Those are really sharp photos. Crisp detail but not over sharpened crisp just really tight sharp. Interesting if the software does that. All are really nice and I think I like the second the best. It must be a busy and noisy place in season. Well done.

All nice, sharp environmental shots of the rookery. I might go with the first one with the heron about to land and the other heron just peeking out.

Fun sequence. Good crisp light and environmental behavior.

Thanks for the comments.
David Leroy, this is what the first 2 looked like with DxO PhotoLab 3. DxO 4 brought out more detail in the trees and heads of Blues.

A target-rich environment!! Very nice shots – hope you’ll post more and revisit in the spring.

Thanks for the additional post Peter I can see the difference. The reposted images shown at the top of this posting appear to have less intense blacks.