Hey everyone, so finally I took the bait and joined here as a full time member.

Hi all, I am Subhasish, a travel and landscape photographer from India based in Germany. During the first lockdown here in Germany, I started sensing a change in outlook in my photography. I started to search for the more intimate scenes in my surroundings. Over the last two years, this outlook has helped me fall deeply in love with the experience driven approach towards photography, thus making it both a medium for relaxation and also a sort of therapy for me.

Hope to have a great time here, learning and making new connections, also having a lotta fun on the way. Have a good weekend ahead.


Hi and welcome to NPN. Such a soft, but bold opening shot you’ve posted and I hope you’ve got more for the Flora category. It’s pretty quiet in there right now. Experience-driven photography is one I haven’t given much thought to specifically since getting outside to be in nature is so intrinsic to my own work that I thought it pretty much ruled everyone’s. Silly me. Hopefully you won’t need it as therapy quite so much in future, but either way I look forward to seeing your work.

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Hi, and welcome to NPN. So glad you found the site and decided to join. I hope you enjoy the community of photographers and the images shown on here. I really like the image you posted here in your introduction. Looking forward to seeing more in the different categories on the site. Hopefully you will also be able to provide insight on other’s images as well. Again, welcome to NPN.

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Welcome to NPN, Subhasish. What a wonderful first post. It has such a dreamy feel to it. Nicely done indeed.

I am sure you’ll get a lot out of our community.

Best regards,

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Welcome! Keep those lovely posts coming.

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Hi Subhasish! Welcome to NPN!

This is a beautiful first post. I agree with David about the dreamy feel to it. The comp, point of view and exposure are all excellent. I’m really looking forward to more of your work, and your contributions to our community.

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Hi there Kristen, thanks a lot. Glad that you like the image. I was a bit on the fence as to which image to post as my first image and then I immediately remembered about this one and the decision became very easy. I have a bunch of stuff in flora. Will be posting more often in that group for sure. I cherish a lot being out in nature as I have to carve out time to do it and it is something that is not totally different, but somewhat is from my career of choice. In terms of therapy, it is not so much official or prescribed, but photography does help me calm down my nerves and also helps me with my hyperactive nature. That is probably the only time I am able to keep my mind still and focused on something and not running all around. Thanks for the wonderful welcome.

Thank you Steve. Glad you like the image. I am sure I will be able to learn a lot and also make some healthy connections here on this platform.

Thank you @John_Williams and @David_Bostock. Glad you like my first post here. It is called “Missile Launch”. @Shirley_Freeman Thank you. I will do my best in submitting more images from my upcoming collections and also provide insight to the best of my ability and knowledge. Cheers.


Welcome, Subhasish! You have a lovely and well-named first post! I love the unusual viewpoint. I checked out your web site and really like your work and look forward to seeing much more of it!

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